About the Quiz

"If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail” goes the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin. So, when it comes to your business, what sort of a planner are you? Take this five question quiz to find out.

  1. Do you think your business needs a business plan?

  2. What kind of business plan works for you and your company?

  3. How often do you write a new business plan or update it to keep on track?

  4. What benefits to your business do you think your business plan brings?

  5. How far ahead does your business plan go?

Your Results

  • You’re a Non Believer

Why do you need a plan? Why does anyone need a plan? You know what your business is all about or you wouldn’t have started it up in the first place. All the planning you need is in your head and you don’t need to waste time putting your thoughts down on paper when you could be working and getting things done. If you ever feel the need to produce a formal business plan, then that’s the time you will call it a day and give up.

Your Results

  • You’re a Post-it Planner

You are happy-go-lucky and don’t get stressed living in the moment, taking decisions as problems arise. You don’t feel the need to write down more than a few words on the back of a bit of paper or a post-it stuck on the fridge. You act on instinct and don’t like looking too far ahead.

Your Results

  • You’re a Formal Planner

Having a sophisticated formal presentation is a must for you. It’s how you like to showcase your business to potential investors and customers. You keep it up-to-date so you are ever ready to let someone see how your business works, and you like the visual element of a presentation to promote the story of your business' journey.

Your Results

  • You’re an On-the-Move Mobile Planner

You can’t stop working, even when sitting on a bus. Every waking moment is for working and you feel the need to constantly tinker with your business plan. It’s short and to the point, easy to access on your mobile device. You don’t find it easy to relax and switching off from work is next to impossible.

Your Results

  • You’re a Detail Addict

Without every last possibility accounted for you are not able to function properly. You need to know what’s around the corner, and how you would deal with every eventuality. The act of constructing a detailed plan is what makes business work for you. No detail is small enough and everything is included in the business plan.